Privacy Policy

At Small Term Loans we understand the value of your personal details. Thus, we have taken every precaution and safety measures to ensure that the personal details that you provide us when applying for a loan remains intact. With us you can rest assures that your personal details will remain intact.

We make use of cookies at Small Term Loans to store your information. We will never disclose your personal and financial information to any third party, without your consent. However we may have to disclose your personal details with various lenders to help you find the best loans deal for your condition.

When applying for our loan services at Small Term Loans you need to provide us information like your name, email address, bank account number and security service number and so on. Such information is collected by us so that we can serve you in a better way. Moreover, we gather your information to keep you informed about our services in future.

As we expand our services at Small Term Loans we may make changes to the privacy policy as well. Any changes made to the privacy statement by us will be published in the website. So, please keep visiting our site from time to time to stay updated about the changes that we make.